Friday, January 10, 2014

Whew, I'm Back!

The holiday break can be brutal, especially when you have multiple holidays to keep track of. Since I'm Christian and my wife and daughter are Jewish, we run through a whole list of to-dos each season, and when you add in the stuff we had to take care of these past few weeks, I needed a week to get the comic back in order. Thanks for your patience.

Jeffrey always called at Christmas, as he always wanted to stay in touch. I think he enjoyed the holiday as much as anyone, especially as he did not go in for the traditional Jewish ritual of Chinese food. He and his friends would take in a movie, but his Christmas dinner was usually fast food if he could find it, or something he'd heat up for himself.

This is the first year since his passing, and I was pleased to find that whatever else went on, Jeffrey was never too far from my thoughts, and those thoughts were pleasant ones. The web comic is serving its primary function in this respect; Jeffrey is alive and having adventures in my mind, and that makes me happy. Somehow, somewhere, I dare hope it makes him happy too.

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