Thursday, March 20, 2014

Building Tension

I've always loved Japanese monster movies. the first movie to really terrify me (when I was 7) was - dum-da-dummmm Mothra. Really, that giant caterpillar crawling through all those buildings really gave me nightmares, and that was black and white television.

I'm still drawn to the genre - and I enjoyed the Mathew Broderick Godzilla too. One big difference between the USA depiction and its Japanese counterparts is the amount of screen time devoted to the beastie just wading along...not even breaking up buildings, just lumbering while the Godzilla music plays.

"AIIEE! A man in a rubber suit walking through a model! Terrifying!" Really, do a comparison with a stopwatch (assuming you have more time that I do) and tell me, all you film school grads, what the significance is. Anyway, Page 80 is my tribute to the great flics of my youth.

Maybe Ultra-Man will show up!

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