Thursday, November 7, 2013

I thought of it first...

I know what you're going to say.

"Joe-what a unique concept for overcoming the gyroscopic forces as they exert stress on the linkage and drive systems of VTOL aircraft, especially large rotor aircraft such as the V-22! But what about the impact on the airframe - how would you compensate without increasing weight prohibitively?"

I'm glad you asked! In fact, I'm guessing the basic forces involved would not be much different from a carrier launch. The real challenge would be to find a combination of alloys and hydraulics that would get the R2 high enough that the rotors would grab enough air to keep the thing from falling back down. At one point I even thought of tilting the entire airframe to almost vertical and letting the rotors power it up from a standing start, but then I got to thinking about how birds launch themselves in the air, and that seemed more fun. I know a few pilots who'd pay good money to do one of those takeoffs, if it ever gets built. You aviation engineers out there - get a prototype or even a computer model for me and I'll cut you in for, a third. I'll be waiting right here.

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