Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Tired but still mushing on...

Last night I was soooo tired. Still, I wanted to stick to my schedule and post the new page. That has been my policy so far, but in the wee hours of the evening I couldn't see straight, and more than once I found I had done the old "pen scrawl" off the page. There was a lot of retouching in Photoshop.

Even if the art is not up to my standards, I still want to keep the story going. I'm pretty happy with how the action is developing, and if the art is suffering a little from the pace, I pick up my copy of Action #1 (I keep a couple around for reference and the occasional scrapbooking source) and notice tha the art is dynamic, the composition superb, but nothing like the level of stuff being done today. The art, to me, is meant to work with the story- they carry each other.

Anyway, time for a nap, but I have work to do. Hope I don't doze offfffffffffvvvvvvvvv....................

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