Thursday, September 5, 2013

Okay, Let Me Be Perfectly Clear

I loved Jeffrey, but he DID have some size issues. I could sympathize, because I have them as well, but I would still tease him from time to time, like guys do. This page tries to capture that essence, BUT...

Jeffrey never had trouble fitting into any seat he tried to. It was something to see - he would grunt and shove, but he always made it in. I was always worried he would get kicked off of airplanes or buses, but it never happened. I realized that this was an aspect of his desire to fit in - literally. He wanted to be accepted, and not treated like someone who needed help or couldn't manage on his own.

So, if sometimes his body conquered his will - like when he was passing a Dunkin Doughnuts - in the end, it was always his will that won out.

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