Thursday, September 26, 2013

One month down

This makes the fourth week that the site has been up, and the story has begun to unfold. Master Jeffrey now has a page on Facebook (please like) and I will be entering into other social media soon. Oh, and please notice the ads! DC Conspiracy at Artsphere is a must if you are in the Washington DC area, and Aphelion Arc promises to be the kind of storytelling venue that even Jeffrey would approve of.

As for storytelling, the pacing on a story like this is something new for me. I'm trying to give something good on each page, and balance the art with the necessary dialogue in a way that keeps the pace flowing well. I like how the coloring in the last two panels on page 12 came out - if I had more time, I'd keep working in the shadows and highlights. That's one of the reasons I decided to do a M-W-F schedule; I wanted to get the story started and keep it going at a good pace.

So, how'm I doin?

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