Wednesday, October 30, 2013

You want fries with that?

If there was one food that Jeffrey was fond of (and to be honest he was fond of a lot of food) it was French fries. He was a product of Pittsburgh, the city famous for the french-fry sandwich (whatever the official name is, that's what I call it) at Primanti Brothers. I haven't really checked into it, but I would not be surprised if its origin included something like "...I was making a reuben sandwich and I looked up from the line, and there was this little guy eating his reuben in one hand and his French fries with the other. He said to me, you'd save me some time if you just put the French fries in the sandwich."


  1. Jeffrey definitely would not have wanted his fries in anything but ketchup. and he didn't eat Ruebens as he did not want the Russian dressing or the sauerkraut! He would have had corn beef with Ketchup on rye and nothing else! I (FF on the side with Ketchup—of course Heinz 57 from Pittsburgh) know artistic license but I'm talking about the real Jeffrey!!

  2. I did say "something like" didn't I? yes, reuben was the example because the French fry sandwich is based on a reuben, but Jeffrey was definitely a meat, potatoes and ketchup kinda guy.