Wednesday, December 18, 2013

And That's All I have to Say About That

If there was one question about Jeffrey that I heard more than any other, it was "Doesn't he drive you crazy?" followed by "You're so nice to spend so much time with him." There were a few people in the club along with me that heard the same thing. In fact, we would say it to each other. "thanks for spending so much time/doing all that/taking such good care..." that kind of thing.

The funny  thing was, we all knew why we did it. If you could see past the at times incredibly aggravating and annoying but at best somewhat trying surface layer of Jeffrey, you saw someone who wanted to do the right thing all the time, and wanted nothing more than a few friends to talk to and spend time with. Once you got to that point, you couldn't leave, and you wanted to do what you could. The list of social workers he had was long and legendary, but the ones who stuck were not in it for the money or to get their name on some employee of the month plaque. Whether family, friend or acquaintance, if you liked Jeffrey, you went out of your way to help him, and just because you liked him and knew he could use it.

That's it.

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