Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Just made it

44 pages and I haven't officially missed a deadline yet... but I keep coming close. My original plan was to be at least a month ahead on art and two months ahead on story. Instead, I find myself running out of scripts and drawing and coloring at midnight on the day of updates. Whatfor this deplorable situation?

Well, I'm still getting used to this, okay? I knew going in that three days a week would be a tough schedule to keep up with, especially in light of the other work I'm doing, but I wanted to keep thepace lively and get the completed story arc done in a timely fashion (and yes, there is a story arc - this adventure will end and another Master Jeffrey will start.)

Meanwhile, deadline is taking priority over other things - I cringe a little at some of the fast layouts and such, but I want the story to march along and I'm not vain enough to make my satisfaction more important than your getting the next page on time. That being said, the holidays are upon us, and I'm crossing my fingers, so, as the man said "lay on Macduff, and damned be he that first dost cry enough!"

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