Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Happy New Year!

...or l'shana tova, as you would say if you were Jewish. I am not, but Jeffrey was (more on that story later, I promise) and he was very concerned about participating in his shul. I went to services tonight, not because I participate in dogma, but because they're a wonderful crowd of people at the Temple and besides, my daughter just joined the choir. A number of people asked about Master Jeffrey and were excited to see the first pages come out.

When he was particularly worried about how things were going or what to do, Jeffrey would say to me " I gotta be a mensch" which is a German/Yiddish word meaning a good and outstanding person. I hope his spirit knows that by his inspiration for this project, Jeffrey will always be a mensch to me.

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  1. How appropriate that Rabbi Block incorporated being a Mencsh into yesterday morning's sermon!! Was thinking of Jeff as it is the first high holiday since he's gone...