Wednesday, February 12, 2014


As the area (I'm in Virginia, outside of DC) poises for yet another big snow, I can't help thinking about Jeff and how he worried about snow. Anyone with Jeff's aerodynamic had trouble if there was more than 8 inches on the ground, and he lived in Pittsburgh, which will probably get well over a foot tonight.

Jeffrey's biggest lament was to wonder how he would survive all by himself, but I would remind him how many people were around to support him. The Metzgers, who would come over and dig out his car; the various helpers at JSS who would come to check on him and make sure he had enough milk and TP, and the resident assistants who made sure he had heat and running water. I would sit on the phone, sometimes three or four times a day, just helping him remember all the people in his life.

I think we all forget sometimes about the old "no man is a n island" adage, and how much we all need to take care of one another. Indeed, how much we ARE being taken care of, no matter how alone we sometimes get. Take a minute and remind yourself of that, and while you're at it, remind someone else that they're not alone. Stay warm.

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